PC Plot of Marathon Split Times

Sliver is offered at no cost, but if you like it please consider a donation for ongoing support. You will be notified of future releases. Also, Sliver may at some point be upgraded and offered at a cost, but for any donation of $1 or more you will receive all future versions of Sliver free, forever.

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Download Sliver and start exploring

Sliver runs on the Windows operating system only. Sliver itself does not require any installation. However, the Transparent PC Plot Window and Grand Tour features require Java (which is free) to be installed on your computer. Google Earth plots require the free Google Earth client to be installed. Export of plots to PDF with transparency requires Adobe Distiller, which is provided in Adobe Acrobat Professional. (Note the change to the Distiller settings to allow transparency as described on page 72 of the User's Manual.)

To download Sliver simply unzip the file below and extract the contents into any folder. Double-click on the Sliver_v1.9.exe file to launch the program. The Help menu offers useful tips as well as access to the User's Manual, which has detailed information on using the program. The standard cars dataset used to introduce Parallel Coordinate plots in the manual is available as the cars.csv file in the SampleData subfolder, along with other data files referenced in the manual.

NEW! Sliver v1.9 adds menu functions to select an axis by name and to delete multiple axes at once. Plots of 3D spheres and hemispheres in Google Earth are now supported as either wireframes or solids with transparency. Exports of 2D scatterplots to Matlab have also been upgraded in a number of ways, including mixing-and-matching of overlaid and stacked subplots. Please see the Recent Version Change Log or page 3 of the User's Manual for more detailed information.

You can unzip a new version of Sliver into a new folder or overwrite the files in an existing folder. If you use a new folder, you can preserve your previous settings by copying the settings.txt file from the older folder into the new folder while Sliver is not running. If you have created any range brush palettes of your own, please copy them into the Palettes subfolder of the new folder.

==> Download Sliver v1.9 (released December 5, 2018)

Please note the copyright and disclaimer statements under the Disclaimer tab along the top of this window.

Although it is included in the Sliver download, you can separately download the Sliver User's Manual.


DataTools standalone application

The popular DataTools menu functions in Sliver used to manipulate CSV or tab-delimited TXT data files are also offered in a standalone application. The download includes documentation and an executable file that requires no installation to run.

DataTools v1.5 adds a function List Columns by Column Number to list the column number of every column name in the input file, either sorted alphabetically by column name or in numerical order. This is useful when columns need to be selected by column number, such as when plotting data in Matlab.The existing function Add Column of Calculated Values now displays a list of column numbers for each column name for reference when the input file is selected, since the calculation formula refers to columns by number. In addition, the formula can now be saved to a text file or read in from a text file..

==> Download DataTools v1.5 (released October 7, 2018)

DataTools Main Window