Author Topic: Sliver 1.2.2 and DataTools 1.2.3 Released  (Read 9675 times)

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Sliver 1.2.2 and DataTools 1.2.3 Released
« on: July 11, 2016, 12:33:31 AM »
Hi All,

Sliver v1.2.2 has just been released and is available at

The updates include:
  • When selecting variables to load from an input file, users can now save the selections to a file, or load the selections from a previously saved variable selections file through new buttons in the variable selection window. This eliminates the need to manually check off the same set of variables each time a file is loaded. The selections file format is identical to that of the standalone DataTools application, so these variable selection files can be shared.
  • When loading or saving a file, the file browser window now defaults to the directory of the last input or saved file, even across sessions, rather than always starting in the Sliver directory (hooray!).
  • DataTools functions are updated to the latest standalone DataTools v1.2.3, which fixes slow viewing of min/max values, makes sure the functions terminate when returning to the main window, adds new options to some functions, and improves validation of input values.
  • Minor cosmetic and usability updates are incorporated.

For convenience the functions in the DataTools menu of Sliver are also now available in a standalone DataTools application that can be downloaded from the same download page and used for all your data manipulation needs. In addition to the changes listed above, by popular demand the standalone version now allows you to return from a function window to the main window by clicking on the X in the upper corner of the window.

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