Author Topic: UPDATED: Enlarging the size of the Transparent PC Plot Window  (Read 4819 times)

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UPDATED: Enlarging the size of the Transparent PC Plot Window
« on: November 23, 2016, 03:16:55 AM »
UPDATE: Sliver v1.4 now provides a setting in the Options-->Plot Settings menu for specifying the size of the Transparent PC Plot Window.

The Transparent PC Plot Window is an excellent way to view the relationships in the data, as the alpha transparency provides something of an X-ray view that is crucial when dealing with "overplotting" of most datasets. (As a reminder, press H to view the keystrokes for adjusting the transparency and linewidth in that window). Although exporting to PDF using transparency provides a better result and takes much less time for large datasets, I use the fast and easy transparent window all the time.

The transparent window becomes even more useful in Sliver v1.4 (released soon), which offers a menu option to perform K-means clustering and color brushing of the clusters in the data. This feature provides a way to color brush the data clusters other than color brushing using the Grand Tour, which is limited to 9 variables anyway. The transparent plot can be used to view the resulting brushed clusters and to refine the number of clusters k and the number of those clusters to color brush, which are user input values. This clustering process often requires an iterative process of choosing these values and viewing the results in the transparent window.

Anyway, I just rediscovered something I had forgotten about, and it's not in the User's Manual yet so I thought I'd mention it here. The Transparent PC Plot Window is sized just smaller than the main PC Plot window. So if you want a larger transparent window, just make the PC Plot window larger or full-screen and then create the transparent plot. A larger transparent plot can make a big difference in revealing inner structure.

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