Author Topic: Restoring the order of brushes after displaying values on mouse-over  (Read 7967 times)

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When you select the menu option Plots-->Display Values on Mouse-Over, then placing the mouse over any line or scatterplot point highlights it and shows the data values associated with it. This is very useful, for example, to identify the data corresponding to anomalies in the plots. It can also be nice for taking a screen capture for a presentation that shows data of interest along a line or in a scatterplot. And it is convenient for locating lines or points corresponding to particular data so you can select them for color brushing.

For example, I often want to color brush a line in the PC plot that has a particular value for a variable, such as a runner's bib number. So I turn on the menu option above, zoom into the bib number axis, and move the mouse across the lines to display the values at that axis, panning up and down with the scrollbars as needed until I can locate the correct line and swipe to select it for brushing.

However, every time a line or point is highlighted it is brought forward in front of all other lines and points. This tends to scramble the drawing order of the lines, and you may have color brushed the lines in a particular order to overlay them in a certain way. The range brush operation, for example, orders the drawing of the brushes from blue to red. But now some lines and points are drawn out of order.

To restore the brush order, first turn off the display of values on mouse-over by either pressing ESC twice or by selecting the Plots-->Display Values on Mouse-Over menu option again. Then choose the Brushes-->Show/Hide/Recolor Brushes menu option. In the pop-up window set all brushes to be hidden. Then one at a time select each color and press Apply in the order that you want them drawn. When finished, press OK to exit the window, and you have restored your desired brush order.