Author Topic: UPDATED: Selecting lines within a specific range on an axis  (Read 7088 times)

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UPDATED: Selecting lines within a specific range on an axis
« on: January 26, 2015, 06:34:04 PM »
UPDATE: Sliver v1.4 now includes a menu option to select lines lying within a user-entered range along an axis.

If you know that you want to select lines on the PC plot that fall within a specific range on an axis (a specific range of a variable), you can turn on the "Show axes values while swiping" option in the Options-->Plot Settings menu. Then as you swipe across an axis the values at the top and bottom of the rectangular selection box are displayed at those locations. In this way you can swipe until you reach a starting or ending value that you want.

If you have specific values for both a maximum and minimum, you can combine two selections, one where you swipe up to the maximum and one where you swipe down to the minimum.  For example, if you want to select all lines in the range 25 to 100 on an axis, you can swipe up from somewhere between these values until you see an axis value of 100. Then you can press "Ctrl" to OR a new selection and swipe down from anywhere within the first selection until you see an axis value of 25. Then you have selected lines that have values from 25 to 100 on that axis.

Selections occur anywhere within a selection box, not just along axes. In fact, the ability to swipe lines between axes is one of the convenient features of Sliver. In this case this means that additional lines outside the desired range that angle upward or downward may pass through the selection rectangle if it is too wide, and they would also be selected. For that reason you should swipe very close to the axis. In fact, before you swipe you might zoom into the plot and pan to the axis you want to swipe so you can make the selection rectangle lie very closely along the axis when you swipe.

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