Author Topic: If the transparent PC plot window is blank, increase the alpha value  (Read 5320 times)

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The menu option Plots-->New Transparent PC Plot opens a new window in which the current PC plot is displayed with a level of transparency set by the alpha value. (The Java Real-time Environment, or JRE, must be installed on your PC for this window to appear.) For a given number of polylines, there will be an alpha value below which the window will not show any lines at all. This might happen if you had previously reduced the alpha value when viewing a larger dataset.

If you don't see any polylines in this window, increase the alpha value until you do. Pressing the numbers 0 through 9 on the keyboard will assign an alpha value from 0.01 to 0.50, where 1.00 represents no transparency at all. Pressing the UP/DOWN arrows on the keyboard will fine-adjust these values. These controls, and those for changing the width of the polylines, are listed when pressing "h" to see the help in that window.