Author Topic: Boolean operations when selecting lines or points  (Read 4427 times)

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Boolean operations when selecting lines or points
« on: January 25, 2015, 11:14:47 PM »
This is described in the User's Manual and the Help-->Tips menu, but just to be clear on this, after you select a group of lines in the PC plot or points in a 2D scatterplot, you can modify that selection as many times as you wish using Boolean operators:

- Press Ctrl while swiping to OR the new selection

- Press Shift while swiping to AND the new selection

- Press Ctrl-Shift while swiping to XOR the new selection

Also, you can choose the Brushes-->Toggle Selection to perform a NOT operation on the current selection. It is sometimes easier to select the lines you don't want and then toggle that selection rather than directly selecting the lines that you want.

Selection combinations can be performed in the PC plot or in any 2D scatterplots, in one or the other or mixed.