Author Topic: If swiping reacts too slowly, select with corner points  (Read 4637 times)

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If swiping reacts too slowly, select with corner points
« on: January 25, 2015, 10:06:23 PM »
When the dataset size is large, you may find that swiping with the mouse to select lines in the PC plot is slow to react. This will not happen in 2D scatterplots because points are faster to redraw than polylines.

In the Options-->Plot Settings menu you can choose to replace the mouse swiping function in only the PC plot with a mechanism where you click on the corner points of a selection box. When this option is set, you first click on one corner point and then click on the diagonally opposite corner. A selection box is immediately drawn. If you are not satisfied with this selection box, you can click a different second corner and the selection box is redrawn with this new corner. You can continue to click second corners until you are satisfied with the selection box, and then press Enter to accept it and select all lines passing through it. If you wish to click on a new first corner, press ESC to start over with the first corner.

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