Author Topic: Setting the order in which colors are plotted  (Read 5108 times)

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Setting the order in which colors are plotted
« on: January 01, 2015, 02:28:44 AM »
Sometimes you want lines or points plotted in a certain order of colors. For example, when automatically range-brushing a PC plot axis, the blue end of the spectrum is plotted first and the red end is plotted last (in front), and perhaps you would at times like the blue end of the spectrum plotted in front (I have). Or perhaps you've color brushed different sets of lines and now need to put the colors into an order that makes the lines of important colors more visible.

You can manually set the plotting order of the colors after they are color brushed by selecting the menu option Brushes-->Show/Hide/Recolor Brushes. Hide all brushes and hit Apply. Then select Show and Apply for each brush in the order in which you want them plotted, where the last color brush you show will be the topmost color.

As an additional note, when the Plots-->Display Values on Mouse-Over menu option is selected, each polyline is highlighted and brought to the front of the other lines as the mouse moves across it. This disrupts the order of plotting, but the above process can restore the plotting order by color again.