Author Topic: Automatic range-brushing in reverse color order  (Read 5397 times)

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Automatic range-brushing in reverse color order
« on: January 01, 2015, 02:37:30 AM »
You can automatically color brush an axis by selecting it (hold the Alt key while clicking on the axis name) and then pressing the "r" key once or twice or selecting the menu option Axis-->Range Brush. The number of colors (2 to 8) is set in the Options-->Plot Settings menu selection. The axis is divided up evenly into the spectrum of colors, with the blue color at the bottom and the red color at the top.

But what if you want the red end of the color spectrum at the low end of an axis rather than the high end? Sometimes low values are bad. The way to do this is to first invert the axis (again select the axis using Alt-click and then press "i"), perform the range brush operation by pressing "r", and then invert the axis back to its original orientation.